Finally WLAN bridge with WPA

Ten days ago I installed my new Linksys Router WRT45G router and set up a wireless bridge for my home network. I had some problems with getting everything working like I wanted it to - see my post. Today I took another attempt and was successful. Now I got a secure wireless connection in bridge mode. I wanted WPA because it is much more secure than WEP and in bridge mode it is easier to reach all my devices. Read more →

Setting up a wireless bridge

Two weeks ago I moved to a new flat. This means a lot of work - one of my tasks was to set up the home network (while my wife’s task was to think about the color of the curtains 😉 I had to connect five devices: workstation, notebook, XBOX, VDR and a Linux server. While the workstation and the notebook are situated in my workroom the others are placed in the living room. Read more →