The Mac Mini is 1,000 Days old now

The Mac Mini Turns 1,000 Days Old Today

Last Wednesday we discussed in our team that we would need another Mac Mini for hosting a zoom room and another Jenkins build node for our iOS projects.

When I looked at the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide it showed that the Mac Mini was not updated for exactly 1000 days - what a coincidence 😉

But it is really sad that there has been no update for the Mac Mini in such a long time. Though Apple recently told the press “The Mac Mini remains a product in our lineup” they are not really supporting that statement by actions.

I would gladly buy a new Mac Mini with up to date hardware but the currently available configurations are not worth their money.

Looking at the state of the Mac Mini and their latest statements made me think: what if Apple takes the modularity of the new Mac Pro so far, that it could combine the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro into one product? A desktop Mac without a display than can be configured from 1.000 EUR to 10.000 EUR ? That would sound pretty intriguing and a lot like the famous xMac that the community wished for a long time.

If there is no update to the Mac Mini later this year, I would be sad, but it could be another hint that this is their plan.