Software for my Blackberry

Since I switched from my SonyEricsson P910i to a Blackberry 7290 a year ago I missed my password safe. On the P910i I was using Handy Safe because it had a desktop part that allowed me to sync it with my PC.

The password safe RIM provides for Blackberries could not be synchronized with the PC and so I was searching for another one. Finally I found it:MiniSafe for Blackberry – it allows me to define categories and types, has a built in password generator and I can synchronize it with my PC. The only thing missing is a password generator that generates pronounceable password like apg does. I really love these passwords, after typing them in three times you remember them.

Another nice little freeware application that I am running on my Blackberry is BBLight from BlackBerryTools. It switches on the light of my Blackberry every time I press any key – like on “normal” mobile phones ;-)

convert ogg to mp3

Today I googled for a program to convert ogg vorbis audio files into mp3 files – because my car player can’t play ogg files. I found hundreds of shareware programs with ugly UI’s and bad encoders.

At last I found a real cool one at – LameDropXPd did exactly what I wanted:

  • Let me drop in the ogg’s,
  • converted it using the best mp3 encoder – lame (IMHO),
  • tagged it and
  • saved it in the correct folder

secure wireless lan

On saturday I had to install another wireless lan and I used a D-Link DI-624+ router.When I searched for a method to generate a WEP or WPA password I found a very good page about the configuration of this router (its in german). It contains a link to software from a ct’ article that allows you to generate WPA and WEP keys – very usefull.I used the WPA-PSK encryption mode which is more secure than WEP.

improving console video mode

I wanted to improve the resolution of the console on a linux server. After reading some forums and HOWTO’s I found out that it’s very easy, you just have to add vga=MODE to your kernel parameters – where MODE stands for the desired screen resolution.The possible screen resolultions are listet here. These values are hexadecimal so vga=791 stands for 1024×768 and 16 Bit Colors (0×317).