Debian update troubles

Today I had some problems with updating my Debian system because some of the updates had unresolved dependencies. I found out that my provider made a small mistake inside /etc/apt/sources.list – can you find it?

#deb stable main contrib non-free
deb stable/updates main contrib non-free

#Local server:
deb sarge main contrib non-free

Hint: On April 8th Debian etch was released.

In my sources.list the security updates are loaded from the stable repository and the other packages from the sarge repository. Three weeks ago these two were the same (because sarge was stable) and now etch is stable – problem!

I changed the security update path to sarge and everything works fine again. I am thinking about updating to etch soon – though never change a running system ;-)

BlackBerry Maps on 8800

The last two days I had the chance to test a BlackBerry 8800 (thanks to Andy). Overall I have to say that I was really surprised how good the scroll ball works. I made some pictures of the 8800 using BlackBerry Maps with its internal GPS hardware – this combination could replace my Windows Mobile Pocket PC with TomTom.

After starting GPS:
BlackBerry Maps 880 003

Showing the current location:
BlackBerry Maps 880 001

Showing a calculated route:
BlackBerry Maps 880 004