Learning from Scoble

problogger has an interesting post about “What I’ve learned about blogging from Robert Scoble”. I am found problogger last weekend and he has some really good information for bloggers – there are so many useful things on his site, it will take me some more time to get all the important information.

The post about Scoble is great! For me Scoble is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) blogger on the web and this article shows why. Thanks!


I developed a Midlet PokerClock. PokerClock allows you to keep track of blind levels when hosting a Poker Tournament. You can

  • define small and big blind and
  • set the time for each level

It counts down the time for each level and plays a sound when changing into a new level.

pokerclocklevelsscreen pokerclockscreen1

Give it a try: http://www.getjar.com/products/9347/PokerClock (download it directly from your mobile)

VDR Troubles

Damn. My cable provider Liwest encrypted all channels today. I was using my VDR now for over three years and now … it is black.

Without a smartcard I will not be able to receive digital TV channels anymore. Now I have to think about a solution – adding a common interface to my VDR and buying a smartcard? Completely change to another device?